Valerie Jack

Poet and Playwright


Available from the tall lighthouse website:

Please see my blog for a selection of poems from Educational.

'Educational is a mature and assured debut from a young writer.  Life lessons, death lessons, quirky school kids and scientific experimentation feature in this exciting and contemporary range of poems.  Navigating classroom, bedroom and the world wide web, this poet reminds us that with life and love, you never know enough.' tall lighthouse

'Valerie Jack's pared-down hyper-realist vocabulary brings the world into high definition. Her poems are like arrows to the mark. We feel their impact. Shunning additional metaphor, they achieve metaphorical status by telling the truth.' Hugo Williams

'These poems are often funny, yet as frequently they create a sense of unease.  Educational is about children bewildered by growing up, about boundaries crossed between teacher and taught. Little seems capable of final resolution.' Martyn Crucefix